2 May 2012

It's all Snails and Ladders here! {From me to you}


You are probably here to join in on the snail trail hunt blog-hop-fun initiated by Laura from Cupcakes for Clara (and if you're not you are of course very welcome too and you should check out this post to join in on the fun).

Well, before you go treasure snail hunting, I have a little something for you too: a free downloadable Snails and Ladders game as a little thank you for stopping by.

Sometimes we just need to unwind and slow down to a snailpace. Take a moment to sit down and play with your children. This easy game takes less than 5 minutes to play (confirmed after a 15 minute test-run with my daughter: she won, I won, she won again).

Click here to download the game. Clara, Macy and Colin will be playing too (as soon as they have caught all the runaway snails).

To play the Snails and Ladders game you will need:
  • the above free downloadable Snails and Ladders gameboard
  • pawns (2 to 4 players)
  • dice
Game instructions:

  1. place your snails (or pawns) at the snail gathering site (start)
  2. the youngest person gets to throw the dice first
  3. if you arrive at the bottom of a ladder you can go all the way up to the top of the ladder
  4. if you arrive at the top of a slimy snail trail, you will have to follow the trail back down to the snail
  5. first one at the finish wins!

Oh, and don't forget to look for Colin's runaway snail on my blog!

Only one of the snails links back to the Cupcakes for Clara treasure hunt and will reveal an awesome free goodie for you to enjoy. The others link back to my twitter and facebook account and the Cupcakes for Clara shop, so no harm done if you follow those too. It wouldn't be a treasure hunt if the snail were hidden in plain sight, now would it? Besides, Clara told me it's fine to do a little shameless self-promoting today. :)

I'd love for you to let me know you stopped by in the comment section or come and say hi on facebook or twitter.

Thanks & now go hunt some snails,


  1. Your snails & ladders game is just brilliant. I am going to keep a copy in my bag for those tricky moments whilst out when the little ones need entertaining - thank you so much! And thank you for joining in the snail trail :)

    1. Thank you Laura! I think your snail trail was a wonderful idea.

  2. Love the snails and ladders game :) found your blog via Cupcakes for Clara's snail-y blog hop and so glad I did. Your work is stunning :)

    1. That's so kind of you to say Emma. I'm going to smile all day now! :)

    2. Yay! Nothing like knowing you put a smile on someone's face. :)

  3. Your snails and ladders game is fantastic. Found you via Cupcakes for Clara as a fellow snail trail'er'. You have a lovely blog! :) x


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